Blackjack Tips worth Knowing


Wouldn’t it be great if we could count cards fast enough to profit immensely and also not get caught. Unfortunately, for most of us, this is not the case. This is why, instead of counting cards when playing blackjack, we need to rely on different tips and tricks to ensure you get ahead (and stay ahead) of the dealer.

  • First and foremost, when it comes to playing Blackjack, it’s all about you. Do not blame the other players at the table or the dealer for your poor luck.
  • Furthermore, make sure you always set loss limits and win goals so you know when to quit.
  • Look for a table that offers the fewest decks.
  • When it comes to the dreaded 17 follow these rules: always stand on a hard 17 or higher; hit on a soft 17 if the dealer has 10; if the dealer has a 10, hit until you have 17 or higher.
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